In OST:Micromedia we focus on three areas:


Learn to create and design the kind of documents businesses use daily:

  • forms & reports
  • training manuals
  • internal publications

Graphic Design

Learn to use layout, form, colour & typography to effectively communicate ideas across a variety of media.

Master industry-standard tools such as Adobe's

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign

Web Development

Create web sites, mobile apps, online games and more using

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • javascript

Make dynamic, data-base driven applications using mySQL, PHP and noSQL databases such as Google's Firestore and AWS' Dynamo DB.

OST: Micromedia Course & Grid

See the full OST: Micromedia course list and grid.

photography walkaobut 2019. see more in the gallery
We did a photography walkabout in the fall, improving our photography skills and keeping an eye out for design.

Check out some of our work:

Web Sites & Portfolios

Some Student Portfolios 2019

  • Julia
  • Catherine
  • Luc
  • Adriana
  • Angie's Portfolio (2019)
  • all the portfolios
  • Some Past Portfolios

  • Michael's Portfolio
  • Amani's Visual Poetry
  • Marianne's Kitty Run Game
  • Suzanne's Fashion Blog
  • Careful... this last game is addictive!

    Mobile Apps & Games

    These projects are best viewed on a mobile device


  • Lee's Ball is Life
  • Amber's Profile
  • Jhoanna's stop motion recipe
  • Maria's Skate Competition
  • Congratulations Samantha

    Samantha's poster won the contest for la Semaine de la francophonie.

    She will also be creating the program for the event, held in March.


    micromedia micromediaweb Micromedia Grid 2017+

    Grad Portfolios 2018

    Student Vernissage 2018

    Student Vernissage 2018 (see & download more photos on Flickr)

    Student Vernissage 2017