Managing Multimedia Projects




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Some links and resources for your Sneakerheads activity

To do...

Create a company to buy, sell & trade sneakers.

  • logo elements
  • colour palette
  • design elements / ideas
  • slogan, tag line
  • include sketches

backup, backUP! BACKUP

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Backup your work every 2 or 3 days.

That way, you will lose at most, 2 or 3 days work, but that will take you half the time to reproduce.

Some popular backup options:

  • Dropbox, Google Drive or other "cloud" file storage
  • Spider Oak (for automated backups)
  • Copies on your home computer?

check out some great projects

Personal Project 15.33%

Complete a personal project to highlight in your Portfolio.

Ideally your project should show off your best skills and knowledge and competences.

evaluation rubric

As always, the ideal project is one you do for an actual client. Don't have a paid gig? Try finding a project within your network of family & friends. Or volunteer to help a non-profit.

Try to avoid giving it away to business.

  • video project / Montreal walking
  • photography / art project / gallery
  • web project
    • personal
    • friend / family
    • non-profit
  • web game (Unity, javascript)
  • local businesses $$
    • café, restaurant
    • store
    • gallery
    • laundromat
  • tutorial for 1st or 2nd-year students
    • web tutorial / video
    • print tutorial
    • leave a lasting legacy!!
  • brainstorm other ideas!!!


Due: March 8th.

advisory notes

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Thought you guys might be interested in looking over the notes / feedback from the February 23 Advisory Session.

see notes

Women's Week Poster deets

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The deadlines for this project are going to be tight, but this does represent real-world pressures to produce the best product possible in a limited timeframe ;)

  • Thursday, February 9: Submission deadline, Maggie reviews submissions, chooses final design and provides feedback.
  • Thursday, February 16: Final poster submitted in print-ready format.
  • Format for poster: Full colour, tabloid (11x17)

Text for poster:

Vanier College
Women's and Gender Studies
International Women's Week 
March 6-10, 2017

Reclaiming Spaces

Speakers  | Films by Women | Panel Discussions

scroll to

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Use jQuery's animate: scrollTop to scroll down your page on click.

see demo & code

modals & data-attibutes

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Use Bootstrap 4 with data-attributes and a bit of javascript to create dynamic modals.

video & links see demo

Open House stuff

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We have some stuff to do for Open House

    Open House
  • 12-4pm Saturday Feb. 4
  • we’ll do 11x17 posters
  • L OST
  • You won’t believe what you’ll see…
  • 10 things about the program, #5 will blow your mind
  • student volunteers
  • yearbooks
  • games
  • display case (best work)

AJAX portfolio / gallery

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You will be left breathless by this AJAX coding technique

Take a deep breath... see demo

colour theory

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Some handy links about colour theory.

practical framework never use black

inspirations links (.zip) from Barry

portfolio web assignments

  • Assignment 1: revisions - make revisions based on evaluations & comments from last semester (6%)
  • Assignment 2: additions - add some more projects (6%)
  • assignment 3: improvements - take some time to improve some of the projects you have done (6%)
  • assignment 4: personal project (new project to add to your portfolio) (15%)
  • assignment 5: final portfolio (16.5%)

portfolio feedback (pdf)

assignment 1: portfolio revisions

Revise your portfolio according the the evaluation and feedback your received.

Once your revisions are complete, show me your revisions with your evaluation in hand and the portfolio feedback form from above.

due: Monday, January 30

assignment 2: portfolio additions

Make additions to your portfolio.

The number of the additions will vary, but you should be adding:

  • work in areas not / under represented in your portfolio
  • other work

Get another student to evaluate your work, getting constructive criticism and make changes as necessary.

submit with the portfolio feedback form

due: Monday February 6th

assignment 3: portfolio piece improvements

Improve 2 or 3 of your pieces.

Get feedback from another student or 2.

Revise / improve again as necessary

submit with the portfolio feedback form

due: Thursday February 16th