About Waterskiing

Waterskiing is a great summer activity on the many small lakes located in the Laurentians and Lanaudière regions north of Montreal.

On our lake there are kids as young as 5 and grandparents as "young" as 75 who waterski.

Although some find it difficult at first, most manage to get up the first day they start skiing. This is made easier by skis that are attached at the front and even skis ropes that attach directly to the skis, making it easier to get the feel for skiing.

beginner skis
Instead of attaching the rope to the boat, someone on the boat holds the rope, letting go if the skier falls.

Slalom Skiing

Once a skier feels comfortable on 2 skis, the next step is to advance to slalom skiing on one ski.

To get started, practice lifting a ski as you go, getting used to the balance position. Once you are able to ski on 1 ski for a few seconds, the next step is to drop a ski.

To drop a ski, start by getting up on 2 skis, ski past where you started and slip your foot out of one ski, putting it into the "boot" on your slalom ski.

slalom ski
Slalom ski, front & back view with bindings

Once comfortable dropping a ski, you can try starting on one ski, or even skiing a slalom course.

girl skiing
Young girl slalom skiing.