connecting to

You can use any of a number of FTP clients to transfer files to the webserver with the following details.

  • host: (1st-year students)
  • host: (2nd & 3rd-year students)
  • user: your student number i.e. 0139348
  • password: given to you by your teacher
  • "remote_path" = "/home/YOUR_STUDENT_NUMBER/"

Sublime Text

get set up in Sublime Text 3

In Sublime Text your sftp-config.json will look like this

 "type": "sftp",
  "host": "",
  "user": "1439261",
  "password": "*****",
  //"port": "22",

  "remote_path": "/home/1123456/",

note that it is sftp (secure FTP) and that you have to specify the remote_path

of course your password will be visible to you


In Dreamweaver your server setup will be similar to this.