Due this week!!

coming up

  • excercise 2: all 6 additions + feedback!
  • ex3: 3 revisions
  • ex4: 3 improvements
  • project 5: personal project (feedback form and link to project resources)
  • Your project 6 portfolios obviously need to be completed before April 12th and the Vernissage.

    Project 5: Individual Project

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    With the focus of this being on process and workflow, you are the best person to evaluate your performance.

    Please complete the following form by TBD

    PDF format: Project Self-Reflection

    Word format: Project Self-Reflection

    exercise 2.2 & 2.3 additions

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    This is what I'm talking about!!

    To make it clear what you have added and the feedback you have received please add the following to your projects/ homepage.

    ex 2. additions

    ex 3. improvements

    I have improved the following pieces on my portfolio

    • 3.1 i improved the typography of my report, using a combination of serif for titles & sans-serif for body text
    • 3.2 i redrew the logo for bubble tea, simplifying the lines
    • 3.3 i added ajax & smooth scrolling to my web store, improving the Ux & Ui

    n.b. include links!!

    ex 4. revisions

    A lot of the feedback I have been receiving notes that my portfolio is confusing to navigate. I have simplified the structure. I have also done the following:

    • linked large images or pdfs where appropriate
    • added action verbs to my descriptions and about section, where possible
    • improved initial load times with AJAX!!


    Write an intro to your portfolio, i.e. my portfolio is almost done, just need to add some more pieces, proofread and debug.

    Nesreen's Portfolio

    CSS Grid Layout

    Adopted by almost all browsers in 2017, CSS Grid Layout, makes it easier to create mobile-first, responsive websites without the need for a front-end frameworks.

    You can also mix & match with Flexbox layout and even Bootstrap.

    css grid notes

    web1 a2017

    css grid layout part 1: photo gallery

    check out this 8 min video

    Here's the gallery

    css grid layout part 2: nav & media queries

    check it out

    Here's the gallery

    part 3: modals

    part 3 eh

    Here's the gallery

    exercise 2. additions

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    You will be adding 6 more pieces to your portfolio, one per week for six weeks.

    Pieces are due on Fridays. You will need to get feedback from your assigned feeback group.

    Pieces must represent different areas, web, print, illustration, branding, photography etc.

    In your feedback groups, get some feedback, record some notes in slack, in your group. Be sure that your Slack feedback includes a link to your piece, and that it is clear whose piece it is.

    comment focus:

    Plus a couple articles regarding feedback:

    exercise 3. revisions (April 6th)

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    Make revisions to your portfolio and your pieces. First you should correct any deficiencies from last semester.

    Once those are corrected, get feedback from your group and make appropriate revisions.

    On your projects/ home page, note 2 or 3 things you have improved with your portfolio. Link where possible.

    for example

    • call to action
    • user experience
    • typography
    • layout
    • responsiveness, mobile

    exercise 2. improvements (March 16th)

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    Choose at least 3 of your portfolio pieces and make improvements.

    Often we can make significant improvements to work from previous semesters in a relatively short amount of time.

    Start by looking at your evaluations from the teacher, other students or your self-evaluation, if you have them.

    Make some notes about what you think could most improve the piece.

    Get some feedback from your group about what should be improved.

    On your projects/ homepage, link to the 3 pieces you have improved and describe how you have improved them.

    exercise 1. home page

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    Create a home page for Managing Multimedia Projects, located at /projects/.

    Your home page should include:

    • your name and some contact info
    • links to all your exercises
    • link to your portfolio
    • link to your Slack channel