Infor for Natalia's class

  1. Watch video Why My Personal Brand Is Successful by Gary Vaynerchuk and class discussion about what makes a strong personal brand. Then, split into groups and discuss/research designers they like and the way they brand themselves. (This also links with the weekly journal assignment because this week's topic is an example of a Designer/Creative with a strong personal brand). On Wednesday students will hand in their printed self-assessment questionnaires. If you leave them at the office I can get them on Friday.
  2. The second activity involves filling out the Personal Priorities Handout. The idea here is for students to reflect on what kind of company they want to work for. Then they would research online for job postings and select the ones that best capture the particular position they would like to have.
  3. Depending on time, the last part is to start filling out the Personal Brand Statement Handout and write down their proposals for UPV. The SKILLS handout will help them to start their text and we would continue with this on Monday.